Plastic products and containers are among the most common type trash found in our community. Plastics on the streets are easily blown or washed into our creeks through the storm drain. The creeks then carry the plastics out to the ocean, where they accumulate in massive garbage patches. In 1997 captain Charles Moore discovered the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch", an area of floating plastic debris twice the size of Texas! Not only are plastics unsightly to find in these once pristine areas, but are harming wildlife.

Sea birds and fish mistake plastics for food and die after swallowing massive amounts of non digestible plastic debris. Other wildlife is often found injured and entangled in discarded packaging. Plastic that enters our waters will stay there for a very long time. A typical plastic bottle takes over 450 years to completely break down in the ocean. The unfortunate truth is that like diamonds, plastics are forever.

What you can do:
  • Reduce. Disposable plastic containers may be cheap and convenient, but they come with a hidden cost to our planet. Reduce your waste with reusable shopping bags, utensils, and water bottles.
  • Reuse. Plastic bags and bottles can be cleaned and reused. Save plastic grocery bags for use as trash can liners or for picking up pet waste. Try refilling a plastic water bottle instead of buying a new one.
  • Recycle. Recycling is better for the environment, but the vast majority of plastic put into recycling bins ends up in a landfill. Try to choose products made with glass or paper, which are much easier to recycle.
  • Put plastic in its place. Plastic in the landfill is better than plastic in the ocean. Make sure trash goes in the can and stays there for good.
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Please help us reduce the amount of waste generated at the event by bringing your own reusable water bottle, gloves, and bucket or wagon.

Vacaville Creek Cleanup Day is coordinated by the City of Vacaville Utilities Department Water Quality in conjunction with the California Coastal Commission, Solano County Environmental Management, Recology Vacaville/Solano, Fitness 19, 4WD Cliffhangers of Vacaville, The Reporter, and KUIC.